For over 18 years we have advised private individuals, businesses & limited companies on their tax and accounting matters.


Throughout the financial and tax year we review your tax planning options while satisfying all the compliance requirements of Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. Clients value our ability to provide accessible and responsive advice while optimising their income after tax.


All compliance documents are submitted to Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs online ensuring time and cost efficiency for our clients.

About Freeman Carr

During the continuing pandemic we are ensuring normal service continues by working partly remotely and partly in the office. As details of the support available to our clients is announced by the Government we add new links to our News page, LinkedIn and Twitter feed. To keep informed follow us on one of these platforms. Email us on or your usual contact for any questions. We offer video meetings if required as well as extended telephone calls. Meeting are not being conducted in the office however non face to face document drop offs are possible as well as pre-arranged meetings outside, weather permitting.

At Freeman Carr we provide a local approachable tax and accounting service for our clients. We advise on many areas of personal and corporate tax for all generations and stages of career and or investment lifetime. We as a team, have worked together for a significant length of time, retaining continuity for clients year on year, maintaining happy long standing relationships.

Our aim is to ensure clients consider themselves in control of their tax and accounting matters and have an understanding of HMRC and Companies House requirements and of their own tax position each year.


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